Thames Mooring

Barge Insurance (UK) Ltd works closely with a reputable marine insurance broker to provide competitive specialist insurance cover for barge owners as part of our overall service.

When you have so much invested in your vessel, adequate insurance cover is an absolute must, not only to protect your investment, but also to protect you personally in the event of any third party claim.

We know from experience that people often assume that if a vessel is static or used as a floating home, then it only requires minimal cover. Nothing could be further from the truth, if your vessel suffers damage from fire or worse still, it sinks, then you can be personally liable for the cost of raising it, and any pollution clear up required. We have seen many policies with serious deficiencies that the owners are blissfully unaware of, where the payment of the premium provided a level of comfort that in reality, is entirely devoid of substance.

Fully comprehensive insurance cover is mandatory for all moorings under our management and it is a matter of contractual obligation when you take up the mooring.

We also know from experience that many owners pay too much for cover, either because they do not periodically to put the policy out to bid or because they are unaware of the inclusion of certain elements of cover that they do not need or can never use, particularly with regard to cruising range.

We aim to ensure that you are offered an extent of cover appropriate for you and your vessel, at the most competitive premium. You can access a quotation for cover by either of the following routes:

Either via ourselves, just fill in the web based application form at the following link: and we will refer it to the brokers for you.

Or by going directly to the broker via the attached link: