Thames Mooring

Safety Policy


The Marina Management hold the Health and Safety of their staff and the users of the Marina in the highest regard. Please read and follow the guidance notes below. You should familiarise yourself with the locations of safety equipment and how it is operation. Beth Holders should also ensure that their guests are aware of safety considerations.


Life rings are positioned at various points around the marina. There are rescue ladders on the inside face of the pontoons and additional ladders around the basin wall. Make sure you know where they are situated.

Fire drill

  1. Raise the alarm
  2. Contact the Marina Office. We will call the Fire Brigade if they have not already been called
  3. Clear the area of any people who may be in danger and, in particular, those who are down wind of the fire
  4. Tackle the fire only if it is considered safe to do so
  5. Leave the area in an orderly manner (do not run)

Fuel berth & fuelling

Speed restrictions

Please move slowing through the lock and within the confines of the basin.

Icy Conditions

Please take extra care during cold and icy weather conditions. The access ramps and adjacent areas are salted during frosty periods. Salt can be provided to customers who wish to salt their own pontoon berth. Please contact the Marina Office for assistance.


Swimming is not permitted within the confines of the marina.


It is a requirement of the marina's terms and conditions that all vessels berthed within the marina should maintain fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover.